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Haus Marwies, Poststr. 1

The house was built on earlier foundations after the last village fire in 1560. Perhaps at that time there were two elongated, parallel buildings of 1-2 storeys high. The house Bazar Hersche on the other side of the street was also a longitudinal building in former times, and the attached house with the hairdresser's shop is still there today.

Josef Anton Keller, the great-grandfather of Remigius, bought the house about 120 years ago and ran a colonial goods shop there. It was called "Konsum Kellers". Individual living areas of this house were rented out temporarily as guest rooms or for longer periods as rented apartments.

Two daughters of Josef Anton Keller were enthusiastic mountaineers and ski tourers. They christened the yellow house "Marwies" after a mountain in the Alpstein. Old skis and other mountaineering equipment are exhibited in the stairwell as a reminder of this. Here and there old advertisements or other material from the former colonial goods shop can be seen.


Mittelraum im 2. Stock mit Küche im Umbau

Floors 2-4 in the yellow building at Poststrasse 1 were converted between 22 October 2018 and the end of July 2019. The renovation of the lower floors is to be continued in spring 2020.

The house is to retain its historical charm, while at the same time meeting today's requirements for comfort and safety.

Insulation, stabilisation and individual corrections have now been installed on the upper floors. Floors, walls and ceilings have been restored. The old building fabric is now even more clearly and beautifully visible after the renovation. We have also selected building materials that are as natural as possible and have ensured that the electrical wiring is well shielded to increase the comfort of living.

Wandmalerei mit Pflanzenornamentik In one room, paintings with plant ornaments and old wallpaper have come to light. Restorers have stabilized the paintings, and the carpenters have covered them with a planking afterwards. On this panelling we will point out the paintings behind it by means of illustrations.




Das Treppenhaus zum 2. StockTreppenhaus und Mittelraum mit Küche Richtung NordenTreppenhaus und Mittelraum mit Küche Richtung Süden

The eastern part of the house consists of an elongated stand construction with plank walls. The western part of the house is constructed in knitted construction.
Tiled stoves are still present in two rooms. The new electric stove in the kitchen joins the wood stove from the early 19th century. In six rooms the baroque wood panelling on the walls and ceiling is partly shown with profiled rods, while one of them is still about a hundred years older due to the easier processing. In one room a parlour buffet is installed. In one bedroom and in the upper two middle rooms the panelling from more recent times has been removed. There the original wooden construction can now be seen on the walls and ceilings. The middle room on the second floor has an early baroque coffered ceiling, which has been given a new coat of paint in red and green. In a small area, the earlier paint coats are shown.

When the old wooden floors were uncovered, narrow stairways from the basement were found in three places. In the upper floors the floors were reinforced and insulated. Two of the rooms were given back their old wooden floors newly planed, while in the remaining rooms new floors of wood or cork were installed.  

In the screed the old pulley block could be preserved. Also the front windows and almost all previous windows were allowed to remain and received a new coat of paint. The narrow, long corridor to the toilet on the second floor still reminds of the old latrines of earlier centuries. The baroque staircase has been given a new coat of paint that interacts with the coffered ceiling.


Eine der neu eingerichteten Duschen im 2. Stock

  Das Treppenhaus zum 2. Stock

The staircase to the second floor after the restoration

Not yet restored is the first floor. The rooms in the holiday flat on the first floor (downstairs living room and bedroom) are in good condition:

Stube in der Ferienwohnung des 1. Stocks  Schlafkammer in der Ferienwohnung des ersten Stocks  Schlafkammer in der Ferienwohnung des ersten Stocks

Remi, the host will sort out, give away, restore, possibly sell, dispose of, objects of the house. If you are interested, you are welcome to arrange an inspection with him.


We would prefer to live with a few friends in a kind of house community, where everyone rents 1-2 rooms in the house and uses the common kitchen with us. The house has been given the structure for a large family and thus fits our intentions. Probably there will still be a guest room or a holiday flat. The remaining guest rooms are waiting to accommodate suitable members of the house community.